New laws to help children's talents shine


Children will have more freedom to participate in public performances following new laws that came into effect this month.

The laws overhaul a system of outdated and confusing rules, and will nurture and support stars of the future while keeping them safe and rested.

Until today, child performers were hampered by restrictive and complicated rules, such as a limit to how many performances they could take part in during a single day or when they can perform, meaning they could often miss out on exciting opportunities to show off their talents.

For example, a young Cosette taking a starring turn in ‘Les Miserables’ would be able to perform in the show but would be denied the chance to take part in the accompanying photo shoot with the cast.

The changes will keep important safeguards in place to ensure children are kept safe and fully rested.

Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson, said: "I know that taking part in a local dance production or performing on a West End stage can be hugely rewarding, helping to build important confidence, teamwork and communication skills that can propel them into adult life and success - no matter what their career plan.

“Yet too often in the past, children have missed out on rewarding opportunities - like giving a star turn in a show but being denied the chance to take part in the curtain call due to unnecessary barriers and restriction.

“These new simplified rules will encourage children to chase their dreams, while keeping them safe and rested, helping all aspiring actors, singers and dancers showcase their talents both now and in the future.”

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