Education workers say their job has a negative impact on their health


A new survey by the British Heart Foundation has found that education workers feel they’re putting their heart health at risk due to the pressures of their job.

The survey shows that swathes of people feel their stressful working life is leading to them eating a poor diet, not doing enough exercise and drinking and smoking more than they otherwise would.

The BHF survey found almost half (47%) of workers in the education sector feel their job has had a negative impact on their health in the last five years, with almost two thirds (62%) saying their general stress levels have increased in the same time period due to their work.

When asked how their work has ever affected their health:

  • A third (33%) of education workers say they think they have put on weight as a result of their work, with almost half (47%) saying their job has driven them to eat more unhealthily
  • More than two fifths (43%) say their work has caused them to exercise less than they would like
  • Almost a fifth (19%) say their job has led to them to drink more alcohol with almost one in ten (9%) saying it has driven them to start drinking alcohol

The survey also showed over seven in ten (73%) employees in the education sector regularly do unpaid overtime, with over a third (34%) working more than five hours overtime a week. The pressures of work are leaving people concerned about their long-term health with a fifth (22%) fearing it could lead to a heart attack or heart condition.

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