Schools should teach internet safety


Dangers from social media, sexting, online pornography, abuse, and cyber bullying mean that every school in the country needs to teach its pupils about internet safety, campaigners have warned.
The message from the NSPCC came as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre warned of a new trend of online sex abuse against children, which was devastating lives.
Some schools were already providing lessons, but the NSPCC said this could no longer "be left to chance" as parents struggled to keep pace with the threats.
The NSPCC said lessons were needed in all schools, with young people themselves sharing ideas. ChildLine was now to visit every primary school in the country to discuss the issue in what was described as "an age appropriate way".
The charity also called for all parents to get access to support and for internet providers to install blocks and filters.
"Young people tell us they are experiencing all sorts of new forms of abuse on a scale never before seen," said Claire Lilley, safer technology lead at the NSPCC.
"It's now clear that we are facing an e-safety timebomb with this being one of the biggest child protection issues of our time.
"We cannot put the genie back in the bottle but we can talk to our children about this issue. Parents, schools, technology companies, and young people themselves can all play their part."

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