Information is key to academies success


A new report commissioned by Capita has underlined the critical role information plays in ensuring academies succeed.

The report highlights how essential data will be to ensuring the new style academies formed under the government-led scheme deliver the best possible education to their students. 

The report, which draws on interviews with the new style academy leadership teams and industry experts, emphasises that academies have a greater responsibility to demonstrate that they are making a positive contribution to their pupils’ academic achievement. Making good use of data is critical to helping them achieve this.

Dr John Dunford, Chair of Whole Education and former General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, who contributed to the Capita report, said: “Academies are spending government money. If they are given more freedom to spend that money, the government expects something in return. That return has to include better outcomes for children and is inevitably accompanied by greater accountability. In this situation, academies need excellent data. They cannot afford to let their data fail them.” 

The report explores how an academy’s management information system (MIS) can be used to help it meet its obligations and accountabilities to its various stakeholders. It also reveals how schools can use data to ensure that the increased freedom they have been given results in higher pupil achievement.

Phil Neal, Director of Capita SIMS, said: “Academies are under a very bright spotlight and they will be expected to get results quite quickly in terms of improving standards of teaching and learning. Being able to identify and provide the right support for pupils who are at risk of falling behind will become increasingly important, even in the highest performing schools. As the white paper highlights, making better use of the pupil data academies are gathering will be essential to driving whole school improvement and will help schools respond to growing public scrutiny of their performance.”

One of the key areas discussed is how academies can use their data to encourage pupils to achieve more.

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