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BME teachers face significant racism

BME teachers face significant racism - 10-11-2009

Teachers who are black or minority ethnic (BME) face significant racism within the education system, according to new research.
New Standards for School Food

New Standards for School Food - 19-10-2009

The Government has introduced food-based and nutrient-based standards to improve the quality of food on offer at schools. Primary schools had to comply by September 2008 and Secondary schools in 2009.
The early years site is launched

The early years site is launched - 05-07-2009

Welcome to the new early years zone. Every month we will be updating you with the latest information relevant to early years settings. This month we look at some issues relating to communication and creativity. In this article we look at some of the implications of the Rose report and hear Open EYE'S views on its recommendations.
Beating the bullies

Beating the bullies - 03-07-2009

The effects of bullying can be profound and even fatal. With the internet and new technology the ways and means of bullying are rapidly increasing. This month, in the healthy zone, we look at the issue of bullying in our schools and what people are doing to challenge it. Here Kidscape underline the extent of the problem and provide advice to schools on how it might be successfully tackled.
The simple view of reading - explained

The simple view of reading - explained - 17-05-2009

What is the 'Simple View of Reading'? Henrietta Dombey from the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) takes us through the background to our understanding of how children actually learn to read.The SVR was adopted by the Rose Report and forms a central part of the Primary National Strategy’s view of literacy learning (Rose, 2006; DfES, 2006). But it is not a recent idea and should it be the main approach our teachers are using to help our pupils become fluent and enthusiastic readers?

What is PESSCL? - 03-04-2009

The PE, School Sport and Club Links strategy identifies the Government's commitment to sport development up to the year 2012. Read here for the proposal details.
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