ICT is the most important subject for modern kids


New research carried out by Censuswide shows that ICT has become the most relevant school subject for children.

With activities such as coding, gaming, and programming becoming more popular than ever, over two thirds of Brits (68%) believe that learning how to correctly use computers is more important than traditional school subjects such as maths (59%) and English (46%).

Interestingly, only 25% of those surveyed believe science is the most important subject for children today. In a surprising twist, the older generation (55 years of age or more) most strongly favours modern school subjects, with 70% believing ICT to be the most important school subject for today’s children. It appears that traditional subjects such as history and geography are also being overshadowed by more modern topics, with a mere 5% of Brits believing these to be the most important subjects for 21st century children.

Almost three quarters (72%) of those surveyed believe that a good knowledge of technology can help fix and upgrade tech devices when they break, making them run faster and saving money in the long run.

81% of people believe that it is important for children to learn ICT skills at school, and over three quarters (78%) believe this will help children get a job later in life. For budding entrepreneurs, 42% believe that these skills will help young people start their own businesses, and over a quarter (26%) believe that ICT skills will help students appear knowledgeable amongst their peers.

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