Home Education Compulsory Registration?

The Department for Education is raising the prospect of a compulsory register for an estimated 45,500 home-educated children in England.
Ministers have launched a "call for evidence" on ensuring children taught at home get a good quality education.
There is also £3m to check against "harmful practices" in "out-of-school settings", such as clubs and societies.
Education minister Lord Agnew said all children needed to have a "suitable and safe education". At present, there is no mandatory registration system for families choosing to educate their children at home, although some local authorities run voluntary schemes.
It means that numbers of home-schooled children remain uncertain, with the education department saying that surveys had suggested an increase of 20% in the past 18 months. Edwina Theunissen, of Education Otherwise, said the question should be about why parents were taking children out of school, rather than considering registration systems for home educators.
She said that home educators feared that if registration were introduced, it would be the beginning of a process of greater monitoring and interference, with education authorities wanting to know what and how children were being taught. But the government's consultation document, published on Tuesday (10/04/2018), says the current rules derived from the 1940s and were "designed for a different age".
The Department for Education says other issues need to be addressed in regulating home education, such as "the vulnerability of some children to radicalisation, and the spread of unregistered schools offering services to home-educating parents".

April 2018
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