Green light for Salisbury Plain Academies


An Army rebasing has given the green light for the formation of Salisbury Plain Academies. This is partly because 1200 extra school places need to be created in the Salisbury Plain Area, but the key factor has been the army's decision to move soldiers back to Salisbury Plain.

The four schools, Durrington Infants, Bulford St Leonard's Primary school, St Michael's Figheldean and Avon Valley College, have come together to become a multi-academy trust.

Three of the schools are church schools and have the full backing and support of the Diocese of Salisbury.

The Army rebasing will see a big rise in the numbers of school-aged children over the next four years and beyond, making the need for 'excellent education for all on Salisbury Plain' of paramount importance.

The schools will deliver all through education, 0 - 18, which will allow shared skills and shared opportunities for professional development of staff and experiences for children.

Tom Lindsay, Education Officer at Wiltshire County Council said: "The Salisbury Plain area needs to provide 1200 extra school places for 2019; we anticipate 800 of these additional places will be for primary school aged children.

"This is the largest rebasing of military personnel since the 2nd World War."