The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher authors to open Summer School


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Gary Toward and Chris Henley, who shot to fame with the success of their book, The Art of Being A Brilliant Teacher, are to open this year's online Summer School.

They will give a rollicking rundown on how to get children absorbed in their learning while you and the class have fun.

The former head and deputy of a secondary school in the East Midlands, Gary and Toward and Chris Henley thought they would take things easy once they had formerly retired. But a little bit of book writing and training has ballooned into a constantly busy training business.

The two almost have celebrity status in schools: 'We are booked up in schools for 18 months ahead,' says Chris.

And they have continued their 'How to Be a Brilliant...' series with books on being a Teaching Assistant, NQT and Middle Leader.

'We are looking forward to the Summer School very much,' says Gary. ‘It’s a chance for teachers to relax have a bit of learning and a bit of’s very much our style.’

Their webinar will take place on Monday 22 August at 14.30. Click here for more information.

Also appearing at the Summer School is Professor Steve Higgins who is talking about strategies to close the achievement gap, including feedback and metacognition.

Plus, ‘coding can be fun’ expert Chris Thomas is doing a session and backing it up with a programme of free videos that explain how to teach coding with pizzazz for the novice.

He is also doing a webinar on App Smashing with iPads – providing training on how to get the best out of your technology for classroom teaching.

Other more controversial webinars will look at Lesson Study, the new trendy professional development approach, and how some, perhaps a lot, of its impact might have been lost in translation in the journey from its origins in Japan to the West.

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