Lack of technology in schools will lead to digital skills gap


Most parents believe lack of technology in schools will lead to digital skills gap.

Over half (57%) of parents in the UK believe that schools do not invest enough in technology. 

A survey of over 500 parents of primary and secondary school children also found that two-thirds (67%) believe lack of investment will result in a digital skills gap in the future.

According to the parents surveyed, 56% believe that investment in IT infrastructure should be the number one priority in schools, followed by ensuring digital skills are embedded in the curriculum (45%) and investment in teacher training (40%).

Despite 97% of parents believing it’s important for technology in the classroom to keep pace with the latest technological developments, 72% believe that technology at home is better than at school.

Graham Long, Vice President of Enterprise Business Team, Samsung UK & Ireland, said: “Studies prove that technology helps children learn more effectively and is a fantastic way to create a more collaborative education experience.

"Schools are quickly moving away from  teaching being a one size fits all approach, as different pupils learn in different ways, and technology is the key to helping teachers address this challenge."

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