New research reveals creative talent amongst UK teachers


New research has uncovered a wealth of creative talent amongst UK teachers. Over a quarter of teachers (27%) are Artists who show strong visual creative skills and like to tell a story with pictures rather than words. Close behind them are the Collaborators – 25% of teachers’ signature creative strength involves working with others to develop and cultivate a creative idea.

The findings are based on the results of an online survey by Adobe, which revealed that 74% of employers saw little or no creativity in school leavers. The survey identified five core creative strengths, which display different skills, from the visually creative Artist to the innovative Visionary.

Of the 1,305 teachers who have taken part, over a fifth (22%) are Communicators, whose key creative attribute is their ability to present an idea or piece of work in a way that is impactful, whilst the Visionaries (18%)  are innovative and always thinking about the big picture when they’re working on a project or generating ideas. Perhaps surprisingly, the least common creative type amongst teachers is the Wordsmith, with just 8% most likely to demonstrate their creativity through the written word.

The survey of employers and university lecturers was conducted to understand their views on the importance of creativity skills in prospective employees / students, their thoughts about how schools are best preparing students and the role that ICT can play in promoting creativity.

March 2011

Professional Development Today