Computing becomes a favourite school subject


New research by Barclays has revealed that a quarter of British school children say computing is their favourite school subject.

The findings show just how far education has swung from their parents’ generation who favoured English during their school days (21 per cent), compared to 24 per cent who now favour computing, incorporating coding skills that lie behind the latest generation of graphic-heavy computer games.

However, the statistics also show that the introduction of coding into the National Curriculum has left some parents unable to help on the new favourite school subject.

Nearly a third of parents (30 per cent) don’t believe that they can assist their children with computing homework and two fifths (40 per cent) said they ‘dread’ helping with it.

As a result, other family members are becoming an additional ‘helpdesk’ for homework with nearly half (49 per cent) of all school children getting homework help from their brothers and sisters on the subjects their parents find the hardest (computing and maths). 

With over two fifths (41 per cent) of parents feeling left behind by their children’s increasing digital skill set, almost half of all parents (49 per cent) want the opportunity to learn more about coding and digital technology, with one of the reasons cited as being able to help with homework.

And it comes as no surprise that over three quarters of parents (77 per cent) believe it is important for children to be learning coding skills, particularly as code sits behind many of things we interact with every day from smartphone apps and computer games to the graphics we see in TV advertising and in blockbuster films.

With this in mind, Barclays has launched the Code Playground initiative, where children and adults can learn coding together, either online or in branch with the help of a Barclays 'Digital Eagle', who will work in local communities to give people the opportunity to learn and embrace digital skills, from sending an email, skyping family or learning how to bank online.

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