Fund announced to help combat mental illness


A £1.5 million fund has been announced by the government to develop mental health support networks for young people.

The digital innovation fund will be used to provide new and engaging online resources for parents and young people such as mobile phone apps.

A new advisory group will gather evidence from young people about their experiences and work with schools that are running successful peer to peer support networks. The group will be supported by experts from charities, including Young Minds; headteachers, and young people themselves.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said: We know that if mental health issues aren’t tackled in children, it can blight their lives as adults. That’s why I think all schools should be having an open and frank conversation about mental health so that we continue to tackle the stigma that still surrounds it and ensure every child gets the support they need."

She said the fund was about giving young people the training they need to spot the signs of mental health issues and get the support they need.

At any one time, 1 in 10 children are suffering from a mental illness. More than half of all adults who face mental health problems later on in life were diagnosed with these issues as a child.

The group will also be looking at key issues that affect specific groups of young people, such as helping vulnerable groups, including children in care, as well as helping parents understand how to talk about mental health with their children and working with schools.