Parental lack of coding could damage children


Research from UK shows parents lack of understanding of coding could potentially be damaging their children's skills development and career opportunities in the future, which could have a huge knock on effect on the UK economy.

The research shows that over four fifths (85%) of parents don’t know how to code, while over two fifths (42%) don’t even know what coding is.

The findings are made more worrying as half of parents say they have or intend to guide their children into similar career paths as themselves, because it is where they believe they can offer most help.

Despite the clear opportunities for young people in this area, over two fifths of parents (43%) say they are less likely to encourage their child to pursue a career in technology due to their lack of knowledge in this area; parents in London appear least likely to encourage their children into these careers with three fifths agreeing with this.

The research also finds that a third (31%) of parents in the UK are unaware of the increasing number of jobs that are emerging due to technological change. This figure rises to over two fifths (46%) of parents in the North East of England.

Mums in particular appear to be behind when it comes to coding with only one in ten (10%) knowing how to code, compared to a fifth of dads (22%). While parents in Scotland appear to have the most to do when it comes to brushing up on their coding skills with a huge 94% not knowing how to code and over half (54%) not even knowing what it is. This is in stark contrast to the third (31%) of parents in London who say they can code.

Avid Larizadeh, Head of Hour of Code UK, said: "Coding is now a key part of the UK curriculum but this is only half the challenge. We know how influential and important parents are to our kids’ education and their career choices and we need them to be fully on board with coding too."

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