Children teaching parents coping strategies for stress

Schoolchildren are giving stressed out parents ways to help improve their mental wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week.
Barnardo’s is issuing tips from pupils who take part in the charity’s PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) classes which help them with managing their emotions, to tie in with the theme of this year’s awareness week – ‘stress and how to cope with it’.
The children have filmed a series of video clips talking about what makes them happy and giving advice to adults about how to be less stressed.

The top tips are:

1.      Do ‘turtle’ to stay calm:
c)Say the problem and how you feel
2.      Draw to make yourself calm and see what the world has to offer
3.      Do something you like to do
4.      Don’t shout because when you shout it makes everything seem worse
5.      Stop and count to 10
6.      Do some deep breathing
Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said:
“It’s vital to promote good mental health and wellbeing from the earliest ages by working with children to help them resolve issues. We hope that by children issuing these PATHS tips during Mental Health Awareness Week, adults will be able to benefit too.
“Evaluation results from the PATHS programme Barnardo’s runs show 85% of pupils reported improved ability to manage their emotions and 67% said it had helped them either ‘very much’ or a ‘great deal’ to understand other people’s emotions.”
“Barnardo’s is deeply concerned that the UK is sleepwalking into a children’s mental health crisis by failing to provide early intervention.
“Stress, anger and other uncomfortable feelings are a normal part of life but by learning coping techniques early, children are more prepared to deal with them.”
This academic year the UK’s leading children’s charity is supporting 91 schools with the PATHS programme, in Northern Ireland, south London, Wiltshire and Scotland, and delivering lessons to a total of 20,604 primary school children. It is also working in 20 pre-schools in Wales.

May 2018