Childminder numbers on the rise


Childminder numbers have continued to increase with nearly 1,500 more registered than in September last year, according to Ofsted's latest statistics on childcare numbers.

The figures show a reversal of the trend in the past three years of a decline in the total number of providers and places. Since the end of 2008, childminder figures had been falling, but the numbers began to steadily rise again from September 2010.
However, the total number of nurseries has dropped slightly, from 26,167 settings at the end of June to 26,019 – equivalent to the closure of 148 nurseries.
Despite the fall, the number of places offered by nurseries had risen by 27 places.
The total number of childcare providers – categorised as nurseries, childminders and childcarers on domestic premises (that is a group of childminders working together from home) - has risen for the first time since December 2008.
Figures for the end of September show that there are now 58,194 childminders, an increase of 531 more childminders registered with Ofsted since the end of the previous quarter.
Ofsted said that childminders make up 60 per cent of childcare providers, offering 22 per cent of early years places
The total number of childcare places offered by early years providers is now 1,309,366, an extra 4,491 places since the end of June.
Catherine Farrell, joint chief executive at the National Childminding Association, said, "The continued rise in the number of registered childminders is very good news and is an indication that the profession is responding well in this difficult economic climate."
"Alongside the increase in numbers, the proportion of registered childminders achieving good or outstanding Ofsted results, currently standing at 74 per cent, demonstrates the growing professionalism of childminders."

  • Childminders make up sixty per cent of childcare providers registered with Ofsted and numbers are continuing to increase with 1,484 more childminders since September 2010.
  • The number of larger providers of childcare on non-domestic premises, such as nurseries and crèches, is not increasing.
  • Around ten percent of providers work in the child’s own home: their numbers have grown steadily over the last three years.