Plans endorsed to boost creative skills


A new report by Skillset has identified the key challenges facing the creative sector and what needs to be done if it is to fully realise its potential for growth and international competitiveness.

The Group identified eight challenges that cut right across the Creative Industries, from industry ownership of investment in skills, to the fusion of creative and technical disciplines in education and the need to cut red tape for businesses employing freelancers.

The Group has been working with employers, training and education providers and industry organisations from throughout the Creative Industries to produce the report which has been fully endorsed by the Council, chaired by Secretaries of State, Vince Cable and Jeremy Hunt.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “This report gives us a clear picture of the issues we face in making sure that those working in our creative industries have the skills needed to drive growth.

“We need to do all we can to develop the talent in our creative businesses.  I urge all involved in the creative industries to take these recommendations on board.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "The Government understands the vital role played by smaller firms, especially in the creative industries. We are committed to providing extra help to enable small employers to hire their first apprentices. We'll also continue to develop new advanced and higher-level apprenticeships to deliver the world-class skills individuals and firms need to get ahead."

Key recommendations include:

  • Reform the ICT syllabus in schools.  Computer science, arts and/or a creative subject (music, film, media, and photography) should be included in the National Curriculum as core subjects, and also as options within the English Baccalaureate.
  • The Creative Industries and the National Apprenticeship Service should lead on a promotional campaign to raise the profile of Apprenticeships and challenge traditional notions that they are for those unable to study at university, or that they are “just for boys”.
  • Education and training providers collaborating with the Creative Industries need to combine arts, design, technology and business, reflecting how the Creative Industries are being transformed by the fusion of these disciplines.

The Creative Industries Council Skillset Skills Group has been convened by Skillset and tasked by DCMS, BIS and the Creative Industries Council to examine the skills issues facing the UK's creative industries.

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