Labour pledges to halt A-Level reforms


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has pledged to push ahead with reforms to restore confidence in the A level exam.

It follows Labour education spokesman, Tristram Hunt's, threat to dismantle Coalition A-level reforms just two years after backing an overhaul.

In a policy announcement, Labour education spokesman Tristram Hunt vowed to delay all A-level reforms until 2017 and allow teenagers once again to take controversial AS exams half-way through their courses.

Mrs Morgan insisted the Coalition would press ahead with its reforms to restore faith in A-levels among employers and universities.

She said: "Parents, young people and teachers deserve better than Labour’s education flip-flops.Two years ago Tristram Hunt said he’d get rid of AS-Levels because they were a waste of time. Now he wants to keep them.

"Our reforms will ensure the qualifications young people work so hard for, once again, have the confidence of employers and universities."

However, Mr Hunt insisted the AS-level changes would close the window of opportunity for many young people wanting to go to university.

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