Editor: James Clarke                                

Readership Profile

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Local Education Authorities
  • Project Managers
  • Head Teachers
  • Bursars
  • School Business Managers


Magazine Profile

Using exciting case studies of new and refurbished schools, it looks at the most creative attempts to match design with new developments in teaching and learning. A key mission of the magazine is to give school staff and pupils – the users – more say over design and development. There is a strong emphasis on maintenance, refurbishment and managing the Primary Capital programmes.

The magazine offers critical advice on what designs work best for learning, buying products and materials, as well as legal and technical advice. The online format enables the magazine to explore the use of video and photographs and new design ideas.

About the Editor...
Since graduating with a degree in Furniture Design from Ravensbourne in 1985, James has been creating environments that support the activities going on in them, initially in the commercial sector, but for the last 15 exclusively within education. He has worked on major capital education projects both in the UK and abroad, including those within the Building Schools for the Future programme, as well as with Academies, Free Schools, UTCs and more recently, increasingly within the independent sector. His Learning Journeys report was published in 2008, and he is currently writing Designing Schools from the Inside Out. He is committed to ensuring learning environments respect their occupants, and create opportunities to help teachers to teach and learners to learn.

All estates managers in HE and FE.
4000 Paper Back Worldwide Circulation.
1500 Architects involved in education.
2000 Secondary heads and business managers.
5000 Top primary schools.
3000 Consultants, Local Authority,  project managers, estate managers, suppliers to the education-related design and build sector.

We are pleased to announce that Learning Spaces has been chosen as the global magazine for the Association for Learning Environments which has 4500 members world wide.


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