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Vulnerable Children

Early Intervention

It all seems to be about Early Intervention. What is it and how is it going to impact on my school?

Working with other agencies

Is the old collaborative government policy of Every Child Matters a thing of the past?


Some of our parents are complaining that we are not dyslexia-friendly. What can we do about it?


I've been told that a boy with ADHD will be starting my class in September. What should I expect and how might I prepare?

Behaviour Management

What are the issues and main theories in behaviour management and how can teachers improve their practice?

The Prevent strategy

I've been hearing about the launch of the new Prevent strategy. I don't even know what the old one was.

Ways to tackle bullying

No matter how hard we try to eradicate bullying in our school, we never seem to fully succeed. As it has recently been anti-bullying week, what are some good approaches we can try?

Information Literacy

Why are so many children susceptible to grooming, fake news and extreme ideology? One of the reasons is a complete naivety about the voracity and ability to access information they read on the Internet. Why aren't schools taking information literacy more seriously?

Introduction to Special Needs

Where next for special needs provision in schools? Discover how differentiation and remediation in classrooms can transform learning.

Autism and how it manifests in girls

The gender split within autism often leaves girls underdiagnosed. How can schools help to address the condition in girls?

Improving Attendance: Ideas for Effective and Innovative Practice

Poor attendance is increasingly a matter of punishing parents. Can the issue be addressed in a more effective manner? How can you help support a child's education?

Vulnerable children a wider perspective on disadvantage

Vulnerable children – a wider perspective on disadvantage

The Early Years

The field of Early Years education has never had such a high political profile as the government struggles to contain and reverse a widening acheivement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children. But the field is riven by controversy between those who believe providing high quality play experiences is the major part of good early years education, and an increasingly formal learning agenda pushed by the government.

Understanding Mental Health and Young People

Child and adolescents are experiencing a mental health crisis that is affecting all areas of education. How can schools and teachers help students build resilience and positive mental health so they can cope with the increased stress of modern society?

Digital Learning

Social Media

Social media is now an integral part of many young peoples lives. How can I use this technology in a school environment?

Guidance on using Facebook

Facebook seems to be becoming an increasing problem for many of our pupils. What should we do to protect them ?

ICT in Geography

How can ICT be used most effectively to teach geography?

3D technology

How does 3D technology work and how can it help student understand complex topics?

Learning Spaces

Understanding Architectural Drawings

What are the mechanics of architectural drawings? With teachers in mind, this Knowledge Bank provides a detailed guide to understanding the design process.

The Creative Curriculum

Teaching Primary Science

Now that the requirement to SAT science has gone we’ve realised just how poor our KS2 science curriculum is. What should we do to give science in our school the boost it needs?

Teaching and Learning Policy

We’ve been told that we should have a teaching and learning policy. What is it and how should we go about getting one?

Using Film In Education

Film has been a major feature of popular culture for a hundred years, and the moving image now dominates all aspects of the transmission of information. How can film be integrated into the curriculum?

Learner-led learning

How do we shift the focus in schools from teaching to learning?

Visual Tools

What are visual tools and why are tools like mind maps and concept maps important in developing higher level thinking?

Philosophy For Children

What is Philosophy for Children, what is a 'Community of Enquiry' and how can they develop creative and critical thinking skills?

Project-Based Learning

What is the theory behind the PBL approach to curriculum planning as a tool for engaging and enthusing children?

Towards Outstanding Teaching

What constitutes Outstanding Teaching? How can I create stimulating and engaging lessons? How can I build on students’ previous knowledge and ensure progress? And which pedagogies should I read about to develop my teaching?

Vygotsky lives

We keep hearing about the importance of Vygotsky in current debates about teaching and learning. Can you explain to us what his main contribution is and how his ideas are being used today?


Why is there such a strong emphasis on metacognition in modern learning theory?


Most lists with the names of the great thinkers of the twentieth century would include that of Jean Piaget. His ideas undoubtedly revolutionised our understanding of how children’s learning progresses. But does his vast body of work still have validity today?

Jerome Bruner

Arguably one of the greatest thinkers in education, Jerome Bruner has made many significant contributions to our understanding of cognitive learning theory... but what were they?

Questioning skills

What makes a good question? How can I use questioning to improve my students’ thinking? How can I improve my questioning? How can I encourage students to ask good questions? What is meant by a ‘questioning culture’? Why is Community of Enquiry and philosophy connected to questioning?

Creativity in the classroom

What changes need to be made when the development of cognitive skills required for progressive learning reaches a standstill?

Professional Development

Coaching and mentoring

Our school has some good staff, but there are others who need lots of CPD. Could coaching and mentoring be the answer?

What is Coaching

What factors should be considered in developing a coaching culture in your school?

Principles for training and developing staff

I am responsible for training and development in our school. What advice can you give me?

Aspiring Black Leaders

Most schools would be horrified to consider themselves racist. So why are black leaders so rare in UK schools? This Knowledge Bank explores the situation and probes the nature of the obstacles standing in their way.

The Research Engaged School

What distinguishes a research engaged school?

Practitioner Research

The research-driven attitude inspires teachers to take ownership of their classrooms, allowing them to question, explore and develop their own practice. How can you integrate practitioner based research into your teaching?

School Leadership Primary

Primary Curriculum Development

There will be a new, revised curriculum from 2013. What should we do in the meantime?


Our SEN policy is due for review. In the light of the SEN Green paper should we wait?

Changing the school day

Following discussions, we've decided that it would be beneficial for our school to shorten lunchtime and finish earlier. What do we have to do to make these changes?

Transfer to secondary school

We're preparing for Year 6 transfer. As year 6 leader I'm responsible for this and wondered if you had any ideas for making it successful

School inspection update

What's the latest on the SEF and Ofsted? I've just heard that a review has been published. Does this mean we now know what to expect?

Admissions from overseas

I've been asked to admit a pupil who's currently living outside the EU with his parents. They have plans to return to live in the UK. What should I do?

Change of name and parental responsibility

A parent has approached me about changing his son's name on the school register. What should I do?

Pupil progress in Key Stage 1

How can we assess our pupil’s progress in Key Stage 1?

Leading Learning

How to become a creative subject/department leader?

Lesson Observation

What's the most effective way to undertake lesson observations?

School Leadership Secondary

Secondary School Science

How can we improve our secondary science teaching and learning?

School improvement

What are the drivers for educational reform in the context of school improvement and system leadership?


We're a secondary school who struggle to meet the floor targets. Now with the EBacc we are faced with another dilemma - should we ignore it and stick to what works for our pupils?


What should we do with our SEF? Shall we continue using it, construct something new or not bother at all?

Vetting and barring

I'm confused. Does the Independent Safeguarding Authority still exist or not? If they do, should staff register with them?


I hear the government has released some new guidance documents on behaviour. Are they worth the read?

School Improvement

Professor David Hopkins' series on school improvement

Complaints procedures

I understand the complaints procedure for parents is changing. Should we change our school policy?


What suggestions do you have for improving our coverage of citizenship education?

Ofsted: new emphasis on learning and the Teaching Standards

What is the latest feedback from Heads who have undergone an Ofsted inspection under the New Framework and how does it link to the new Teaching Standards?

Assessment for Learning

'We have been told by Ofsted that our school has superficial Assessment for Learning practices. Can you help us?'

Project-Based Learning Resources

Pole to Pole

A creative cross curriculum project linked to the theme of the North and South Poles. Ideal for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond

The Victorians

Victorian innovations and discoveries helped make our world what it is today – but at what cost? Explore the lives of the rich, poor and more with this series of themed classroom activities for use with Key Stages 2 and 3.

Light and Dark

A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the light and dark topic for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond.


A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the conservation topic for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond.


A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the minibeasts topic for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond.


A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of democracy for upper Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 citizenship.

A River Child: The life of a young Muslim child in Africa

A series of cross-curriculum lesson plans and resources to support the creative teaching of a geography-led scheme of work for pupils aged 9-12.

The Princes in the Tower - A historical investigation

A series of lesson plans and resources based around the Wars of the Roses and one of the most captivating mysteries in British history – the murder of the Princes in the Tower.

The Human Body

A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the human body topic for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond.

Investigating local history

Transport your students back in time with an in-depth investigation into your local area and its history, and discover what made your community the place it is today.

World War II

An absorbing investigation into the most devastating conflict in human history and its significance for students today.

Exploring Africa

What can we learn from Africa’s kaleidoscope of cultures, climates and creatures? Find out in this series of cross-curricular lesson plans and activities for Key Stages 2 and 3.

The Titanic

Raise the RMS Titanic from the depths of history with a series of cross curricular project plans and resources exploring various aspects of life aboard the most famous ship of all time.

Mysteries of the Middle Ages

Besiege a castle, examine the evidence for a real-life Robin Hood, and avoid the curse of the Black Death with a range of cross-curricular activities and resources based around life and legend in the Middle Ages.

Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egyptians

A range of teaching activities and learning resources based around the life and times of Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh and one of history’s greatest discoveries – Tutankhamun.

The Olympics

A themed project plan embracing the Olympics from its every angle for use at Key Stages 2 and 3, presenting an ongoing opportunity to celebrate the event with a series of thinking skills activities and resources.

Myths and Legends

A series of cross curriculum project plans to support the creative teaching of the myths and legends project for Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1, 2 and beyond

The Great War

Jane Jones marks this year’s centenary of World War I with an in-depth investigation into life, death and lessons learned during the first global war in human history.

Science goes pop

Children love films, TV shows and computer games, but how can we harness this enthusiasm in the classroom? Discover the links between science and popular culture with a series of cross-curricular activities and resources.

Master Class - Best Practice Webinars

Creative Practicals in the new GCSE science curriculum

The role of practical work in the new GCSE science specifications has changed. What will this mean for lessons? How will this impact assessment?

Lesson Study: Lost in Translation?

How can the Japanese phenomenon of Lesson Study be adapted to work in the English school setting?

Facilitating an Open Question Mindset

How can you take your pupils' thinking further by asking the right questions

The Sonic Classroom

How can you harness the power of sound in your classroom to fire your students' imaginations?