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Talking About Oracy: Effective Communication In The Classroom ……Tim Brighouse’s Way

There is a distinct difference between those schools that have chosen to encourage oracy strategies in their curricular, and those that have focused on skills for written assessments. By shining a light on the effective oracy practises, we can see the vital role of oral communication and how ourselves and our students can benefit. Sarah Davies, who has written the book 'Talking About Oracy.' has constructed this KnowledgeBank as a guide to the subject.

It is time for us to talk about oracy.

When we think about the transferable skills all students should take with them when they leave education, oracy, literacy and numeracy should logically stand proudly side by side. This triad of skillsets are the key components used to measure intellectual development in childhood, as well as being further nurtured in all students throughout their education.

However, when we consider that the concept of there being three separate skillsets has (at the time of writing) only been in existence for the past 55 years, we begin to recognise that oracy is still very much in its infancy in regards to it being viewed as an explicit staple in all academic establishments. 

This knowledge bank will provide an insight into some of the research and my most considered supporting tools for ensuring that oracy is used effectively for not only helping us to develop communication with our students but also with our colleagues.

For a more viewpoints and examples, the book Talking about Oracy can be purchase on Amazon: Talking about Oracy: Developing communication beyond the classroom: Sarah Davies: Books

Sarah Davies is a lead practitioner and head of English in an E-ACT  multi academy trust secondary school. She is also a lead examiner for a national exam board. 

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