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ICT in Geography

How can ICT be used most effectively to teach geography?

The use of ICT in geography helps pupils learn by providing access to large quantities of information on people, places and environments. It also provides the framework for analysing data to investigate patterns and relationships in a geographical context. Once pupils have made their findings, ICT can then help them organise, edit and present information in many different ways.

There is no doubt that ICT is the medium of today. It is the medium of young people and it already plays a pivotal role in almost every aspect of their lives. Therefore, its use in a classroom/learning environment supports the delivery of geography in a way that makes it highly engaging.

ICT provides teachers and students with immediate access to up-to-date, topical geographical information and our highly interconnected world. It is a dynamic medium which, when used appropriately, can significantly reinforce and deepen geographical knowledge and understanding as never before. Moreover, it has been shown that students often sustain concentration levels more fully when given the opportunity to support their learning through the use of ICT.

This is due to the ability of modern technology to collect an extensive range of geographical data for exploring physical and human patterns, distributions and processes that would not be possible without ICT. The same technology also allows students to collect, display, communicate and evaluate findings in a highly creative and personal fashion.

This resource covers the essentials you need to know about when, why and how ICT should be used to teach geography.

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