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Lesson Study: Lost in Translation?

How can the Japanese phenomenon of Lesson Study be adapted to work in the English school setting?

The Japanese concept of Lesson Study is experiencing a significant boost in popularity in the UK. However, the lack of English-language literature on this innovative CPD model means it’s difficult to know whether we are really applying it to its full potential.

In this Knowledge Bank, Sarah will explore the key elements of Lesson Study and consider how it can be best adapted to work in the English school setting while retaining all that made it so successful in Japan.

About Sarah Seleznyov

Sarah Seleznyov is a Programme Leader at UCL Institute of Education. She specialises in Lesson Study and is particularly interested in issues of fidelity to the Japanese model, the role of leadership and external expertise in the Lesson Study process, the development of high quality talk that leads to learning, and finding effective ways to measure the impact of Lesson Study.

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Lesson Study Webinar Presentation

The PowerPoint used by Sarah Seleznyov during her webinar on Lesson Study.

Lesson Study - Webinar

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