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How To… Make Kunskapsskolan Suit My Setting – Lessons From The Field

Is your school considering using the Kunskapsskolan model? Antonio Vance draws on his experience to guide how you can apply the essential ingredients to your setting.

A challenging revelation

In the Autumn of 2016, I vividly recall sitting in a presentation that outlined an approach to teaching and learning that was entirely foreign to me. In this approach, students took ownership of their learning, set their own goals, and played a critically important role in what they learned and how they learned. In the U.S. this would mostly be unfathomable. Sure there were a set of schools that were on the edge of innovation and experimenting with new ways to address learning inequalities. However, most schools and their teaching and learning approaches have changed little in the past one hundred or so years. Bells ring; Students move through hallways to their classes. Teachers begin the class with a “Do Now” activity to get them started for the day. Teachers direct the students in the what and how they will master the learning for the day. Teachers outline the criteria for success for the day. And so on. Input from the student is rare. Control relies squarely at the front of the room, with the teacher.

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