Digital Learning

Seeking Job Opportunity in A Robopocalypse

We’ve heard it all before. Robots - those elusive job munchers - might be replacing you soon. And the message is clear: they are smarter than you, they are cheaper than you, and they won’t ask for a pay rise… like you. Be afraid, be very afraid of the imminent robopocalypse. After all, it’s not just the postmen and snow plowers and plumbers who face the dirge; the professionals in white coats and even the teachers in our schools have reason to steady their knees when pit against the innovative power and pace of artificial intelligence. Here’s a glimpse of the future by Brad McBean... e-Learning Update issue 63/64
Illustration of marching robots

Just think about how easy it is now to check in your own baggage at the airport.  Only a few years ago, we were at the whim of airline staff to do it for us. Or how about when you would plunk your groceries on the conveyor belt and watch the friendly cashier scan your cookies’ bar code? Now it’s your job, my friend. The milkman who knew your name? The travel agent? The DVD shop that boomed on Friday night? All of them – gone.

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