Webinar: How to use evidence to support disadvantaged students – Feedback for learning


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Research has a lot to tell us about what ‘works’ when it comes to raising achievement, but one of the most consistently successful strategies is effective feedback for learning. What, though, does effective feedback look like in the classroom?

In his first of two webinars, Professor Steve Higgins gives some practical guidance on evidence-based approaches to impactful feedback and marking. He also examines more broadly how teachers can make good use of research to improve their practice, looking, in particular, at the findings of the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit.

Age range: Primary/Secondary

This is a recording of a webinar that has already taken place.

The second webinar in this two-part series by Professor Steve Higgins, can be found here: How to use evidence to support disadvantaged students – Meta-cognition and Self-regulation