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The WIGT Toolkit is more than just a lesson observation tool, it’s a system for monitoring and mentoring for improved teacher performance and can be used at classroom, department or whole school level. The WIGT has been developed over many years and used in schools and local authorities across the country. 




What's inside WIGT?



The Development of the ‘What is Good Teaching?’ (WIGT) Matrix

The concept for the What is Good Teaching? (WIGT) matrix began from my role as a school improvement adviser and in particular my work with a cluster of schools in special measures. One of my key tasks was to work with school leaders to improve the quality of teaching and learning. What struck me was how little teachers knew about themselves as teachers. If asked about the effectiveness of lessons they would frequently describe what happened – the activities, if pressed they might describe what they said but most frequently they would talk about what went wrong, couched in terms of what pupils did or did not do.

In reflecting on my own  practice as a teacher, and indeed as a trainer of teachers, I realised that I had little idea of what I was like as a teacher and as a headteacher I had consciously avoided modelling teaching for NQTs because I didn’t really know what is was that I did that worked. In learning terms I was in an unconscious competence phase (Watkins et al 2000) – where I didn’t know what I knew and could do. For successful teachers this might be seen as a desirable state because it enables teaching to flow with little conscious effort and allows teachers to focus on the learners.


Summary of Contents


Developing the WIGT Family

WIGT with Guidance
     1.     What is Good Teaching?
     2.     What is Good Teaching? – Learning Walk
     3.     What is Good Teaching? – Teacher Self Evaluation
     4.     What is Good Learning? – Pupil Evaluation
     5.     What is Good Teaching? – Foundation Stage

Observation Guidance
     6.     What is Good Teaching? Foundation Stage – Adult Initiated Activities
     7.     What is Good Teaching? Foundation Stage –  Child Initiated Activities

Other members of the WIGT family
     8.     What is Good Work?
     9.     What is Good Support?
    10.   What is Student Effectiveness?

Planning for improvement   
    11.   Personal Teaching and Learning Improvement Plan
    12.   Whole School Teaching and Learning Improvement Plan
    13.   Boulders and Bridges
    14.   Summary Evaluation Sheet
    15.   Match to the Ofsted Criteria
    16.   Developing a Whole School Policy for Teaching and Learning




Here are some example pages -

a small taster of what you can find inside WIGT


WIGT can be used at classroom, department or whole school level!

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WIGT – What is Good Teaching?





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