Welcome to the school business section of our site!

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Welcome to School Business - the section of our site devoted to school business managers and other practitioners involved in the day-to-day dealings of running a school. Here you'll find a compilation of useful articles taken from a range of publications, including School Leadership Today, e-Learning Update, Learning Spaces and more.

To access all the articles featured in this section, you will need to subscribe to each of the magazines or to the Professional Learning Community, which will give you access to every article in our entire library!

Look out for articles marked Open Access though, as you don't have to be a subscriber to view these. The two main articles are always open access. There will also always be a featured open access article and a selection of free downloadable resources further down the page.

Articles marked 'Open Access' will be available to download for a limited time only, so don't miss out!

If you are involved in school business and would like to write an article or share resources, either in the school business section of our website or in one of our magazines, please contact us at maisie@imaginativeminds.co.uk.