i-WIGT Instructional Video

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The i-WIGT is an iPad and web-based App that uses a clean, simple interface with touch-screen interaction to help you to assess, mentor and improve teaching and learning within your school.

The i-WIGT is based on national and international research into best practice in teaching and learning. The framework has been developed in schools over a ten year period. The highly-successful print version is currently used in 1000 schools in the UK and has been bought by three local authorities

The Benefits:

    Unpack the skills of great teachers and great teaching
    Slash time spent on appraisal paperwork by a quarter
    Create objective appraisals based on trusted performance statements
    Give your teachers a clear pathway to improved performance
    Teachers love its objective and informative feedback
    Access powerful performance data across the whole school
    Give teachers ownership of their own development
    Connect teacher development with acclaimed CPD content

      Below is a demostration of how the system works.

       Visit the i-WIGT website now to find out more information and book your free trial!