London school wins walk4life challenge

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Pupils at Glenbrook Primary School in Lambeth have put their best feet forward to win a national walking challenge organised by Change4Life to see which pupils could walk the furthest distance during Walk to School Week (18th - 22nd May).

Ten schools from across the country were chosen by The National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) and were provided with pedometers to record the distance pupils walked to and from school. The challenge was part of Change4Life’s ‘Walk4Life’ campaign aimed at getting kids up and about and helping them to achieve their recommended 60 active minutes of activity a day.

30 pupils at Glenbrook Primary School took part in the walking challenge and altogether walked an astounding 210 miles, which is over half a million steps! Milton Road Primary School in Cambridge finished a very close second with pupils walking just over 200 miles throughout the week. Glenbrook Primary School pupils were awarded their prize of £500 of new sports equipment for their school, which will encourage pupils to lead healthier, more active lives and above all, encourage them to have fun.

Anthea Dalton, Headteacher at Glenbrook Primary School, commented: “Our pupils are delighted to have won the Walk to School Week challenge, supported by Change4Life. Walking is such an easy way to stay healthy and it does not cost anything. The children found the challenge a lot of fun and enjoyed filling out their forms each day – hopefully this will inspire them to continue walking and enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle for the future!”

Linda Jackson, regional co-ordinator for the National Healthy Schools Programme commented: “Being active is an important aspect of Healthy Schools as the links between diet, health, exercise and emotional wellbeing are widely recognised.  Healthy Schools encourages healthy life choices to help children and young people foster a more positive attitude towards learning, and boost concentration and behaviour in the classroom.”

“Walking to school is a fantastic way for children to be active, and joining with Change4Life on its Walk4Life campaign has been one of many successful steps towards healthier learning and lives for children and young people across the country.”

Making sure kids get up and about and achieve their recommended 60 active minutes a day are just two of eight tips recommended by Change4Life to help families’ lead healthier lifestyles. Other tips include swapping sugary snacks for healthier alternatives, eating regular meals, cutting down on snacks and watching portion size, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and cutting back on fat.

For more information, simply search Change4Life online or call 0300 1234567.