Trainee teachers queue for MTL qualification

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MTLMore than 300 trainee teachers have registered an interest in the new Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) qualification on the Training and Development Agency for Schools' (TDA) website - ahead of a campaign to recruit them.

The new qualification aims to help increase the quality of teaching at a time when research shows that children in deprived schools can be academically disadvantaged by half a GCSE if teaching quality is not maintained.

The MTL will be a professional, school-based qualification for teachers which will develop, embed and deepen their teaching skills, for the benefit of the children and young people they teach. The skills and knowledge of experienced teachers, acting as coaches, will be vital in supporting the teacher.

Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) will be entitled to a place on the MTL programme in the academic year 2009/10 if they take up posts in:

  • maintained primary and secondary schools in the North West, and
  • National Challenge schools and other schools in challenging circumstances across the rest of England

This means that up to 5000 NQTs are entitled to start on the programme next year.

Graham Holley, chief executive of the TDA, said: "We want every eligible new teacher to take full advantage of the great new opportunity that MTL presents. There is a critical need to meet the individual learning needs of every child and to remove barriers to learning. This means that schools must continue to develop and support their teachers at all stages of their careers. MTL will be an important part of the tool-kit. The benefits of MTL will spread much wider than the individual participant. This new ground-breaking qualification will help to build an ethos of shared learning in schools which will benefit all who are involved."

Anne Bright, Headteacher at Birchwood Community High School, in Warrington said: "The appeal of this qualification is that it builds on initial training and offers support and structure for the first years of a teacher's career, alongside induction. Teachers will be able to develop their skills in teaching and learning in a classroom context.”


If you are interested in finding out more about MTL visit and order or download a hard copy guide to the new qualification.

Eligible NQTs need to take the following steps:

• Register an interest on the TDA website.
• Start in post in an eligible school from September 2009.
• Enrol on MTL from January 2010.
• Start the MTL programme in the summer term in 2010.

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