Think Like a Learner!

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Here is a brilliant new practical work

book to help children acquire the

language, skills and self-awareness of

successful learners


 Learning is an exciting journey

  • How do we think and talk about learning?
  • What is ‘bouncebackability’ and how do you get it?
  • How can we make sure our team learning is high quality?
  • How does making choices help us to become more responsible for our own learning?

Use this book to find out more!

Everyone is good at something and we can all be good at learning if we know how to think and behave as learners.

This book will show your children how, and help them to understand, why it is important.

Think Like a Learner! asks children to involve themselves in key questions about learning and develops their self-awareness as self-critical thinkers and learners

How do we think and talk about learning?

‘Think like a learner’ is for learners, rather than exclusively for teachers, although the authors very much hope that teachers and learners will explore together the ideas that are presented. It is vital to acknowledge learners as the co-constructors of their learning rather than perceiving themselves as the recipients of learning provided by teachers.

This book will hopefully demonstrate how we can all be good at learning if we know how to think and behave as learners, and it also emphasises why this is so important – exploring how we think and talk about learning, the significance of ‘bouncebackability’,  the features of high quality team learning and  developing greater responsibility for our own learning.

We often focus too much on the outcome of learning rather than on the process. In ‘Think like a learner’, we try to help children see that when they develop the ability to bounce back,  recognise their own problems, solve them, and learn together in teams, whatever outcome they are aiming for, success in getting it becomes more likely.


The more we understand about it the

more exciting it gets.

The better we get at thinking the more

we enjoy taking on a challenge.

The harder we try, the prouder we feel. 

What the children say:

  • We now work harder
  • It’s good to be in the challenge zone and get out of the comfort zone
  • We understand we need to co-operate and know how to do it
  • We understand that learning is our responsibility and that we have got to take part

What the teachers say:

  • The children are becoming more divergent thinkers
  • They are more in control of their learning.
  • They recognise what makes them successful learners and THEY have the responsibility for learning
  • When faced with difficult tasks the children are more prepared to have a go and to take a risk
  • Improved communication skills

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