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Dear Colleague,

We are primary and secondary head teachers whose schools greatly benefited from the stimulus to improve their teaching and learning through initiatives supported by the Creative Partnerships scheme.

We also greatly appreciated the innovative drive to make the curriculum more engaging and relevant to students that was provided by the introduction of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

We are dismayed that so many advances and creative curriculum developments are now under threat. The Creative Partnership’s money has been completely cut and the new government directives have stressed traditional academic subjects at the expense of the arts, vocational studies and more creative, skills-based, teaching and learning.

We understand the government wants to drive up standards, but we have proved as schools that creative curricula can increase engagement and lift academic performance.

We would like to do something about this; to share the developments we have made between schools and to push, as heads and leaders at different levels, the need for an innovative and creative curriculum which can prepare students for a very fast moving and complex society.

We have organised a new national network and pressure group which will allow us to keep up-to-date with what other schools are achieving in curriculum innovation and to maintain the pressure on opinion formers and government, not to slide back into a failed and sterile, talk and chalk, academia.

We hope you will join us!
Matthew Milburn, Head of Kingstone College, Barnsley.


The new Creative Schools Network will provide:

  • An online network of creative educators / practitioners and managers
  • A whole school license for all your staff to Creative Teaching and Learning Online magazine, which will include pages dedicated to the new association, its members and curriculum projects
  • The opportunity to participate in training and INSET events and receive reduced prices for conferences
  • An exchange so that you can look up and book creative consultants with validated reputations
  • The chance to access a library of over 500 great practice articles on creativity and thinking skills
  • Discounted access to a website of curriculum resources (available September 2011)

How will it be run?
A small executive group (funded for real expenses only) will be formed which will meet bimonthly to set strategic direction, agree policy, coordinate articles for Creative Teaching and Learning and plan the conferences intended to showcase cutting edge practice.
Once it is established and is in its 2nd year members of the executive group will be more formerly elected.
We hope regional and local groups will form so that schools can share ideas and work closely together. Part of the online forum will be dedicated to facilitating this.

How much will it cost?
The cost of membership will be fixed as follows:

                                      1 year    3 years

Secondary schools        £199      £499

Primary schools             £99        £249

Individuals                     £70 per annum

In order to get the new association off the ground and give it some sense of security, we are asking that schools consider the discounted three year subscription. We fully appreciate that signing up to this new venture is in itself a creative risk… we are equally convinced that if we just stand aside and allow the wonderful practice developed over the last few years to disappear, we shall be letting down all those who fought so hard to enable it to gain a foothold.

Who supports the Creative Schools Network?
Paul Collard, CEO of the CCE (which ran the Creative Partnerships Programme) fully endorses the new organisation and intends to work closely with it. The Network has been advertised on the CCE’s website and this promises to be just  the first step in a fruitful cooperation.

Mick Walters, formerly the Head of Curriculum for the QCA and the founder of The Curriculum Foundation. He spoke at the conference to launch the new network and intends to be a committed sponsor of the organisation.

Professor Phillip Adey, founder of the Cognitive Acceleration Through Science and Maths Education programmes (CASE and CAME) strongly supports the new organisation. ‘Anything that can introduce creativity and critical skills in the curriculum has my wholehearted support’.

Professor Bob Burden, founder of the ‘Thinking Schools Movement’ also strongly endorses the aims of the Creative Schools Network.

We are positive that many more educators will do so once the organisation is in full swing.

Joining the Creative Schools Network
Imaginative Minds Ltd, which publishes Creative Teaching and Learning, is acting as a secretariat for the new organisation. They have supported and promoted the organisation from its conception. Imaginative Minds already provides this organisational work for the Society of Education Consultants.



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