Pupils Benefit from Specialised Technical Facilities

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Pupils and staff at Stephen Hawking School, Tower Hamlets, have been provided with stimulating state of the art technical facilities. Staff are able to utilise the technical improvements to directly benefit the children, including using the new equipment as aural and visual aids to assist pupils.

Stephen Hawking School caters to the special needs of approximately 75 pupils between two and eleven years of age across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The majority of the pupils attending the school have profound and multiple learning difficulties; a significant number also have additional sensory and physical impairments.

Specialists in technical school installations, Clarity took a fresh, from the ground up approach in creating the new facilities for the school, beginning with the school’s Sensory room. 

The existing Sensory room was a basic padded relaxation environment which had grown tired and drab in appearance. This is now a generously equipped and relaxing space with a more user-friendly interface.

The school’s reception area was also rejuvenated by adding an LED lighting system which can be easily set by staff to display a range of desired colours. A new digital signage system capable of displaying a range of media has also been installed, enabling staff to also show video and still images. The reception area also has a new integrated audio system.

Staff are able to utilise Clarity’s improvements to directly benefit the children by using the new equipment as aural and visual aids to assist pupils in recognising when they are arriving and leaving the school. This is of particular importance to visually impaired children and the school’s pupils with severe learning difficulties, to whom regular routine is a very important aspect of their development.

In addition, UV light fittings were installed in other rooms and the school’s main hall received the much needed installation of a new, high quality audio system allowing the use of radio microphones, CD playback, and MP3 playback simultaneously if required.

The main hall’s system was designed to be very simple to operate, allowing staff to use it in most lessons conducted in the hall, as well as for daily assemblies, open evenings and fun/play-times.

Headteacher Dr Matthew Raynor, said: “Clarity worked extremely well with the school staff to ensure that the needs of the children were at the centre of all work that was completed, and in using the expertise of teaching and support staff to ensure that pupils’ communication and curriculum needs were met.”

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