Support for All

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 The Government is proposing in order to forward its aims:

·      To set out what families can expect from services at crucial stages in life

·      Increase the involvement of fathers through targeting information at them and engaging them more in the birth of their child

·      Provide key workers to support families with disabled children

·      Publish for consultation new Sex and Relationship Education guidance for schools

·      Produce information for parents about the benefit of SRE

·      Improve the quality and quantity of information available to parents

·      Produce materials for children and young people whose parents are separating and divorcing

·      Continue to develop an understanding of the benefits of counselling support to children in schools in relation to mental health

·      Improve information for grandparents about options available to them if they wish to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren post-parental separation

·      Improve access to paternity leave

·      Encourage Children’s centres to offer a walking bus services – helping schools to manage before and after school clubs

·      Improve training for professionals so that it builds in the skills for working with families

·      Ensure that every local authority will be able to offer an intensive family intervention service for families with the most complex needs

Some of these proposals are linked to elements of the Children, Schools and Families Bill which have not been passed through Parliament to become law. The further development of the aspirations in this green paper will depend upon the outcome of the general election.