Sandwell Phonological Awareness Readiness for Reading Kit S.P.A.R.R.K.

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By Linda Hisgett, Angela Hurd and Diana McQueen

Sandwell Inclusion Support Service


Are your children ready to read? 


phonological skills

Phonics is the main way of teaching reading to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. But the starting point is how phonologically aware are your children? If they are not, they will struggle with putting sounds and letters together and their reading readiness will be adversely affected.

The SPARRK assesses:

• Concepts (Linguist concepts associated with phonological awareness)

• Syllable

• Rhyme

• Beginnings

• Middles

• Blending and segmenting

It can be used as a diagnostic tool with individual/groups of children who are experiencing difficulties with phonic acquisition/reading and spelling.  It can also be used as a screening tool within the Early Years in order to identify children who might require early intervention before they embark on formal phonics teaching.

SPARRK provides an Excel data recording spreadsheet for data collection, that has been specifically designed to provide an overview of the phonological awareness skills of individuals, groups and whole classes of children.  This can be used to identify which skills are established, identify potential groupings for intervention work and measure progress over time.

SPARRK also provides ready to make games and activities and signposts to other commercially produced materials in the “Where Next” pack.  This provides practitioners with ideas and teaching suggestions to implement if difficulties have been identified by the assessment.  SPARRK also links directly to the SALLEY programme (Structured Activities for Language and Learning in the Early Years) a well researched programme that can be delivered as a Wave 1 programme during the Foundation Stage, but also as a Wave 2 and/or 3 intervention by selecting specific activities.


Brief Introduction to SPARRK

Designed for use with individual pupils, this assessment and profiling package provides you with the means of assessing phonological awareness that is geared both to your needs as the practitioner and to the needs of children from Foundation to KS4.

SPARRK reflects the latest research in the area of phonological awareness, including guidance from the DfE. This includes the Early Years Foundation Stage, Letters and Sounds and Rose’s Independent Review of the Teaching of Early Reading.  It has been extensively developed and evaluated over a number of years, to encompass all the critical areas within phonological awareness.

What is SPARRK?

Readiness for

At its foundation, SPARRK recognises that the acquisition of phonological awareness is a developmental process.  Thus, by gaining a profile of a child’s phonological awareness skills, you can be sure that you are intervening at the right point developmentally and that you have a balanced and detailed profile of an individual’s strengths and needs.....


Summary of Contents

What is SPARRK?
Why is phonological awareness so important?
SPARRK and synthetic phonics
What will I find in the SPARRK kit?

Section 1 Concepts
Section 2 Syllables
Section 3 Rhyme
Section 4 Beginnings
Section 5 Ends
Section 6 Middles
Section 7 Blending & Segmenting

Record sheets
How to use SPARRK
SPARRK Tracking
User trials
SPARRK as part of a wider approach to literacy acquisition
Case Study 1
Case Study 2



How to order

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S.P.A.R.R.K. Sandwell Phonological Awareness Readiness for Reading Kit

By Linda Hisgett, Angela Hurd and Diana McQueen
Sandwell Inclusion Support



Complete Set: £150.00 + VAT

The set includes a Teachers Manual, Record Sheets, Assessment Booklet, CD ROM containing the consumable materials which can be printed using a standard PC.

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