Sir Alan Steer's Final Recommendations on Pupil Behaviour

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In April 2009 Sir Alan Steer’s review into behaviour in schools was published. This appendix looks at his final recommendations and suggests how the DCSF can implement his suggestions. The following are some of the main recommendations:

  1. Increase awareness of the powers that schools have including the statutory power to discipline
  2. Schools need to be reminded and encouraged about their power to discipline pupils for behaving inappropriately off schools premises
  3. Schools to work more proactively with SSP Safer School Partnership officers to address behaviour to and from school
  4. Schools must ensure that their behaviour policies are updated regularly and that staff, pupils and parents are involved in the process
  5. Schools to organise training for staff using the ‘what works’ principles
  6. Increased emphasis on CPD and behaviour management training
  7. Intensive support and coaching should be given to teachers experiencing difficulty with behaviour management
  8. Greater emphasis within the Training schools programme on the provision of behaviour management training
  9. The Parent Support Adviser (PSA) should be made more use of and staff should be made more aware of their role
  10. All schools should have to produce a policy identifying their key learning and teaching aims, strategies and practices.
  11. There should be a strengthening of behaviour and attendance partnerships including strengthening links with primary schools, PRUs and SSPs
  12. Where a schools is rated as satisfactory by Ofsted against behaviour this should be regarded as an indication of scope for improvement and this should be used as a trigger for additional support
  13. Where behaviour is graded as inadequate it is very likely that the school will be in an improvement category
  14. Improve the access that children and their families have to mental health and psychological wellbeing support
  15. Emphasise early intervention and intervention strategies
  16. An assessment of the impact of nurture groups should be carried out
  17. Pupils who are badly behaved should not be allowed to continue to disrupt the class but should be removed
  18. Governor disciplinary panels – one governor at least should have had training in the last two years on exclusions
  19. Frequent use of fixed term exclusions should be discouraged
  20. All pupils should have ‘someone who knows them well’ and can support them
  21. All local authorities to provide parent early intervention programmes for parents of 8 to 13 year olds
  22. Schools should be made more aware of the availability of Family Intervention Projects (FIPs)
  23. Schools should consider implementing Family SEAL
  24. There should be a more consistent use of Parenting Contracts

Schools might find of particular interest the recommendation below about the number of policy documents which schools are required to complete:

“In engagement with the professional associations, a review should be carried out by DCSF of the range of policy documents that schools are asked to produce. This review would aim to ensure that schools are required to only produce a limited and coherent set of policy documents in line with the expectations of the 21st Century School; to remove any unnecessary requirements; and to draw together remaining requirements within a simpler and more coherent overall framework.”