Sandwell Early Numeracy Test KS2-KS3

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By Chris Arnold, Phil Bowen, Moria Tallents and Bob Walden

Here is a new version of the DfE approved numeracy assessment intended for use with pupils in Key Stages 2 and 3.

This assessment tool is used with individual pupils by a teacher or teaching assistant under supervision. It covers the traditional five elements of:

• Identification of number
• Oral counting
• Value and computation
• Object counting
• Language from NC level P6 to 3A.

The materials are suitable for pupils in Key Stages 2 and 3.

The test can be used to identify skills and knowledge in pupils and the results can be expressed as either National Curriculum levels or Age Equivalents within the range of  7 to 14 years. It is used extensively for children on the SEN code of practice to diagnose underlying difficulties in numeracy, plan individual programmes and monitor progress. It has been extensively researched and the previous version  (SENT-R) was the standard test for the DfE’s Every Child Can Count strategy.


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Brief Introduction

Sandwell Early Numeracy Test KS2-KS3 has been devised through collaboration of Special Educational Needs Advisory Teachers and Educational Psychologists, working for Sandwell LA Inclusion Support Service.

It is based on the Sandwell Early Numeracy Test (Revised) which has been amended and revised following extensive use in schools throughout the country.

A valuable contribution to the SENT (R) test kit has been made through collaboration with Every Child Can Count (E.C.C.C.) at Edgehill University, and the Every Child a Chance Trust.

The test covers attainments from the National Curriculum Level P6 to Level 3, and is appropriate for students from nine to sixteen years of age whose performance in numeracy is well below average for their age group.

The test is designed to be administered on an individual basis.
It provides diagnostic information which can be used to inform teaching.

Contained within the Sandwell Early Numeracy Test KS2-KS3 are the following items:

  • Test book
  • Handbook
  • Student Response Booklets x 10
  • Scoring Booklets x 10
  • Additional Stimulus Materials

Summary of Contents

Part 1  Administration Guide

Purpose of test
Scope of test
Professional Requirements
Administration of test
Outline of questions 1 - 95

Part 2  Forms

Explanation of forms
Using the report masters
Results Summary Sheet (RSS)
Individual Student ResPonse sheet (ISRS)
Qualitative Response Sheet (QRS)
Report Master

Part 3  Technical Guide

Development of the scales
Age equivalent table
Confidence levels

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