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Rethinking leadership

The status quo might not be an option

John West-Burnham's radical six-part series on the future of school leadership is available exclusively to members of the School Leadership Service. School Leadership Today

Central to the series is the issue of ‘closing the gap’, securing inclusion and equity and embedding sustainable systems and processes. The series covers:

  • Rethinking vision and values
  • Rethinking school improvement
  • Rethinking the school as a community
  • Coming soon Rethinking teaching and learning
  • Coming soon Rethinking effective leadership
  • Coming soon Rethinking the leadership of change

As a member of the School Leadership Service you can access a huge best practice library of innovative thinking and expert advice from educational experts, including:  

Shirely Clarke - foremost expert on the practical application of assessment for learning

Sue Hackman - former Chief Adviser on School Standards at the DfE

David Leat - Executive Director Research Centre for Learning and Teaching at Newcastle University

Kieran Egan - Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University

Benefits of becoming a member 

A membership gives your whole school 12 months access to:

  • 6 new issues full of best practice expertise from the UK's top education experts and leadership teams
  • The complete, fully searchable School Leadership Today best practice article library 
  • Comprehensive school leadership knowledge banks, worth £36 each 
  • Weekly leadership briefings of the latest education research from government and NGOs
  • A fully stocked Manager's Briefcase of proformas, model policies and summary documents 

All for the equivalent of under £5 a week* 

 School Leadership Today Service for Primary Schools   12 month whole school licence Only  £125 + VAT
 School Leadership Today Service for Secondary Schools  12 month whole school licence Only £170 + VAT

*Based on 39 week academic year

Act now

Make sure that your whole school team has access to one of the UK's most acclaimed and comprehensive best practice services. Download an order form today.  

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