School digital literacy grants

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The British Computer Society is urging schools to claim Government money designed to help pupils benefit from the latest digital technologies.

The beginning of the new academic year means a new raft of schools are now eligible for Harnessing Technology Grants, however, many schools who contact the BCS about enhancing education through digital technology are unsure how to go about claiming the money.

Peter Leavy, a strategic consultant at BCS said: “When we speak to schools about using digital media in education, we find that they do not realise that many products are eligible for the grants. However, because the money only gets allocated once a year if schools don’t apply now then they can miss out, or the budgets can go unspent.”

The grants are available for improving ICT infrastructure, such as upgrading a school’s broadband connectivity, to systems that help improve classroom learning—such as whiteboards. It is also available for resources which builds pupils’ digital media skills (such as creating and sharing podcasts and digital video) and encourages them to use these across the curriculum.

Schools that want to take advantage of the grants should contact their local authorities.

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