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By Diana McQueen, Bob Boucher
and Angela Hurd
Price: £132 +VAT

Chosen by the Foundation Stage Forum as product of the month SALLEY is both a prevention and intervention programme designed to teach thephonological awareness skills that are fundamental to developing reading and spelling. SALLEY’s primary aim is to enable and enhance the acquisition of literacy skills (i.e. to make it easier for children to learn to read and spell through promoting phonological awareness).

Trial led extensively in schools, SALLEY aims to arm children with tools that they can take with them throughout their future learning. The programme teaches many core skills, including listening, attention, memory, sequencing and discrimination.

Most importantly, SALLEY makes learning fun! It adopts a multi-sensory approach suitable for many learning styles – with the use of whole-body movement, visual input and active learning skills.

This comprehensive resource issue table for WAVE 3, and is the ideal tool to prepare nursery-aged children for the demands of the Literacy Hour.

Stored in a bright sturdy satchel, the programme contains:

  • Manual – with detailed content of each daily lesson and instructions for delivery, plus photocopiable resources
  • Handbook – background information about the programme, including research and statistics, plus many alternative uses for the programme
  • DVD – examples of some of the programme tasks to give you a feel for what is involved, the teaching style and progress. A recording of everyday sounds to practise listening and discrimination
  • Puppet – SALLEY Squirrel is a user-friendly, tactile glove puppet to capture the children’s attention.

Adopted by several LEAs, SALLEY has proved to have outstanding results in the classroom.

‘The children are getting together as a group. They are all aware of the expectations and the routine – children take turns.’ Teaching assistant

‘The reception classroom is now reflecting a lot of SALLEY ideas. I have noticed changes in the children – good sitting, looking and listening transferring into other areas such as story time.’ Teacher

‘We had good feedback when we were inspected by OFSTED.’ Senco

‘The children coming to me have retained the phonic knowledge taught from SALLEY and are able to pick out individual letters in context.’ Reception teacher