Rise to the challenge and win up to £5,000 to super-size STEM teaching

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The future holds a fascination for many of us, and it’s this natural curiosity that Shell hopes to tap into as it launches two exciting educational initiatives this year.

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Shell has long recognised the vital importance of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills to its business and the wider world. But despite their vital importance, there aren’t enough young people entering science and engineering careers. Predictions show that by 2022, UK companies will have 1.8 million job vacancies for people with engineering skills.

As part of the company’s longstanding commitment to inspiring the scientists and engineers of tomorrow, it is launching Make the Future London, a four day festival of ideas and innovation, and The Bright Ideas Challenge, a new national schools competition.

The Bright Ideas Challenge

Have you ever wondered what cities will be like in 2050? What energy challenges will they face, and how can we find innovative solutions to these issues?

That’s the challenge being laid down to students in Great Britain aged 11-14 in a brand new, cross-curricular schools competition that will reward the team with the brightest idea £5,000 to super-size STEM learning at their school.

The competition draws on Shell’s well-respected Scenarios work, and comes complete with a step-by-step Teacher Toolkit, video resources and fun engineering warm-up activities to make it as easy and rewarding as possible for you to deliver.

Participating students will need to use their creativity to devise innovative solutions to the energy challenges faced by cities of the future. Taking part will help them develop a range of skills including problem solving and team working.

As we’ve said, your school could win up to £5,000 to super-size STEM learning, so there’s every reason to think big! There’ll be 11 regional receiving £1,500 for their school, a tablet computer for every winning team member and funded trips to Make the Future London. Terms and conditions do apply, so please be sure to check them at www.shell.co.uk/brightideaschallenge.

School trips to Make the Future

Make the Future, a four-day festival of ideas and innovation being hosted by Shell, is taking place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this summer. With the doors open to Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 students on Thursday 30 June or Friday 1 July 2016, what are you waiting for?

The event will:

  • Showcase bright ideas from around the world - there will be live science shows, hands-on activities and engaging careers experiences to help bring science, technology, engineering and maths to life
  • Host the Shell Eco-marathon - for the first time in the competition’s 30-year history, Shell Eco-marathon is taking place in London. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch thousands of young engineers from across Europe take part in Shell’s energy efficiency challenge, competing in hyper-efficient, self-designed cars of the future. The winners are the teams that go further on the least amount of fuel.
  • Provide the stage as we announce the national winners of The Bright Ideas Challenge - with one school set to receive £5,000 to super-size their STEM teaching, the stakes are high!

Any school in Great Britain is welcome to attend, and Shell is offering free travel to local schools in and around London - but this offer is limited and going fast! Register for free today at shell.co.uk/mtfschools.

Get involved

Shell hopes The Bright Ideas Challenge and Make the Future London will serve to excite the scientists and engineers of tomorrow about the role they can play in shaping and enhancing our future. Both help take STEM learning beyond the theoretical, and should enable young talent within your classroom to realise the exciting opportunity they have to apply their skills to tackle big problems and make a real difference.

If you have any questions, please email shellschoolsteam@hopscotchconsulting.co.uk.

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