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Effective school leadership has always featured prominently in the Government’s long-term programme to develop a high-quality education system. The fallout from this has been a plethora of documents that are required reading by school heads.

But how do you practice effective school leadership and still have time to keep in touch with the latest government reports, codes of practice, major research findings and consultations relating to education?

Leadership Briefing

Leadership Briefng is a weekly online summary of all that’s new and relevant to education, linked to original source documents that can be downloaded or viewed on screen, and available to everyone  in your school  leadership team.

Fast and relevant

 Leadership Briefing arrives by e-mail, ensuring that the news is current and significant. Information is stored in a simple, searchable format allowing you to click on links to access the level of detail you need. You can tailor the service further by choosing the categories of reports you would like to receive for example, curriculum, school finance or legal issues. 

Examples of summarised reports include:  

  • Children and private tutors
  • Children's perspectives on believing and belonging
  • Young Carers
  • Tackling homophobia in schools
  • Transition to secondary school of black and minority ethnic children
  • Every Child Matters
  • Healthy minds
  • 14-19 Education and Skills
  • Use of ICT for Educational Purposes
  • Inclusion - the impact of LEA support and outreach services
  • Primary science in the UK
  • Social and emotional aspects of learning
  • Childrens Workforce Strategy
  • Common Assessment Framework
  • Harnessing Technology
  • Music making by young people of minority ethnic origin

Each briefing is delivered to your email inbox in two formats; a full report and an invaluable précised summary.

Prices: Subscription price to Leadership Briefing: £60.00 pa, with the following concessions for existing magazine subscribers: 

Secondary schools subscription price to Leadership Briefing: £45.00 pa (Call the Subscriptions Hotline 0121 224 7595) 

Primary schools subscription price to Leadership Briefing: £30.00 pa (Call the Subscriptions Hotline 0121 224 7595)

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