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Support your drive to excellence with:

The best professional practice library available, anywhere

Created by the outstanding thinkers, writers and practitioners in education 

Updated by CPD publications that are acclaimed internationally


The Professional Learning Community Service –

a Special Offer for BSME Members



What is the PLC service?

Ofsted, finally, seems to have recognized the importance of professional learning and innovative teaching and learning practice. But in order to keep up with best practice the whole school needs to become a dynamic learning community which is constantly reviewing all aspects of its performance.

The PLC has been designed to support this drive – to create a truly professional learning community in your school every leader and teacher should have access to the best practice models and expertise they need for their role.

Our Professional Learning Community service provides online access for all staff to the acclaimed CPD magazines including School Leadership Today, Leadership Briefing, Creative Teaching & Learning, Professional Development Today, Every Child Journal and *Update, *E-Learning Update and Learning Spaces. (Click here for details on each of the publications mentioned above)

* These update what is probably the most extensive and useful best practice library in the world.

All staff also get unlimited access to:

  • Knowledge Banks of tightly focused articles on key themes which can support classroom or whole school initiatives.
  • Weekly information updates on government reports and new education research and educational law.
  • Access to online cross curriculum classroom resources, which are carefully integrated and have a serious pedagogic underpinning.
  • Online and telephone advice by top consultants for school leadership teams on immediate issues affecting their school.





All forms should be returned to the BSME CPD Office: Paola Wingrove:

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