Parents' views on technology in schools

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New research by Pearson Education has found that more children than ever before are using computers and the internet to help them with their homework, as parents fear their future career prospects could be hampered without IT skills.

The research, commissioned by education provider Pearson, found that 92% of students under 16 now use a home laptop or desktop computer to complete their school work. The average child now spends almost four hours per week on a computer doing school-related activities, while for children whose parents expect them to achieve above average or excellent results this figure increases to five hours per week.
The findings suggest that parents are keen to use technology to boost their children’s future prospects, as 69% admit fearing that their children’s career opportunities would be held back without good IT skills.

Parents’ knowledge of how technology is used in schools is also improving, with 85% saying they have a good understanding of how technology is used in the classroom.

However the research also revealed that parents still want help from schools to explain how technology is used in lessons, with 66% saying it would help them understand how their kids are taught and a further 50% saying it would help assist their children with their homework.

The study of more than a thousand parents across the UK also found:

  • 30% of parents believe teachers will one day no longer be needed as technology continues to rapidly develop
  • Children expected to achieve above average or excellent results are two times more likely to use software connected to their textbooks and school courses than under achievers – 42.7% compared with 14.3% of underachievers
  • Parents who have a very good understanding of technology are also more likely to have children with expected high achieving grades. 94% of parents of children with expected excellent grades say they have an above average or very good understanding of the subject

Rod Bristow, President of Pearson UK said: “It’s encouraging to see more children than ever before using technology to assist them with their school work, and that parents now have a greater awareness to the vital role this plays in the classroom and the wider working world.

“As technology continues to grow and develop, and more schools use the likes of online learning portals, it’s especially important that parents understand how these technologies can help their children, and allow them to track their child’s progress.

"We know from our research that parents are eager to work with schools to learn more, so we’re calling on schools to educate parents on the best use of technology. This would mean children are best supported in school and at home with their learning.”

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