No trust in the SQA says report

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In a review of the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) James Dornan, a member of Scottish Parliament (MSP), found ‘the evidence our committee received was nothing less than eye-opening’ when he was informed of the issues teachers faced due to issues caused by the SQA.

Holyrood education committee conducted a survey of 646 teachers which found that 67% of the survey did not trust the SQA. The mistrust that teachers feel could be seen as justified when the mistakes the SQA have made are taken into account. Mistakes such as the SQA admitting to making various errors throughout the national five computing science exam. As well as creating the 2016 Higher geography exam which was described as ‘poor, shocking, terrible, worst ever and nothing like the specimen or previous papers’ by members of the Scottish association of geography teachers.

Committee convener James Dornan MSP who helped compile the report stated that ‘the committee found it hard to understand how, in particular, the SQA has met the needs of Scotland’s learners having designed qualifications that have created a huge workload for teachers and led to a breakdown in trust and threats of industrial action’.

The SQA responded to the report by promising that ‘we are committed to addressing the committee’s findings, especially in this period of change, and are working to continue to improve our communication with the wider community.’