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In our latest issue of School Leadership Today:

Born to be bad?
We explore whether Ofsted were right to blame school leaders in their recent report on disruptive behaviour.

Sexual health in science
Will including STIs in the GCSE science curriculum help lower infection rates among young people?

Goodbye levels, hello Climbing Frames
Former DfE adviser Sue Hackman introduces her brand new toolkit for tracking pupil progress under the new curriculum.

The case for mixed-ability teaching
It’s something no one in the UK education system seems to be able to agree on – should pupils be taught in mixed-ability groupings or set according to ability? Sue Lyle thinks it’s time we asked the children.

Giving young people the skills to lead
The students in our classrooms today are tomorrow’s leaders, employers and decision-makers. Louise Kinnaird shares some practical suggestions to start preparing even the youngest students for life as leaders beyond the classroom.

A team approach to closing the achievement gap
Mariella Wilson reports on an exciting programme which sees heads, teachers and TAs from a trio of schools team up to improve the performance of our most disadvantaged students.

Engaging families in raising achievement
If 80 per cent of a child’s outcome is determined by their home and community environment, how can schools ever be expected to close the achievement gap? Janet Goodall believes enlisting parents is the key.

ICT leasing: the best way to cope with shrinking budgets?
Philip White considers the potential of ICT leasing in preparation for the heftier hardware demands of the new computing curriculum.

How class blogs can improve writing
The new primary accountability system demands strong writing skills – but how to de
velop those? Myra Barrs and Sarah Horrocks explore the astounding benefits of blogging.

Tackling NEETs in primary school – An update
It’s been a year since we heard about Wakefield’s innovative programme to target children at risk of becoming NEET in primary school. Project coordinator Annette Jones fills us in on its resounding success.

Manager's Briefcase: Addressing mental health concerns
A range of practical materials and documents to help identify and support students with mental health needs.


In our latest issue of Creative Teaching and Learning:

Standing on the shoulders of giants
Spring this year saw the loss of two major architects of the thinking skills movement – Professors Bob Burden and Reuven Feuerstein. Judy Silver pays tribute.

Assessment in the new curriculum
The next few years will see some dramatic changes to the way all schools assess and track pupil progress. Sue Hackman considers the implications of life without levels and more.

Flipping classrooms
Challenge the traditional teaching model and start flipping your students’ learning journey today. Chris Waterworth explains how in this introduction to the flipped classroom.

The pleasure principle
Barbara Band shares a number of ways to get the whole school community involved in promoting reading for pleasure.

Engaging struggling readers
Moved by her experiences with struggling readers, author Cathy Farr rewrote her fantasy children’s novel to make it accessible to all. Here, she explains how she did it – and why it was all so worth it.

Writing with music
Jeffrey Pflaum reveals how a musical prompt can give children the opportunity to explore how they feel about themselves and others in a safe, imaginative way.

Wild at heart – How animals can enhance teaching and learning
From scientific discoveries and animal-inspired lessons to zoo trips and classroom pets, Kenny Coogan takes a look at the many ways animals can enrich the everyday learning experience.

Violence and prejudice – Giving young people the skills to think independently
Sue Lyle presents a series of activities to help develop young people’s questioning skills, as well give them the space to explore a range of social issues important to them.

Tools for the flipped classroom
Turn your classroom upside down with this selection of useful websites and online tools to support flipped learning.

PLUS! This issue's cross-curriculum project plan - Exploring Africa
It’s the most diverse continent on the planet, but what can we learn from Africa’s kaleidoscope of cultures, climates and creatures?


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