Boost for leadership training

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The Training and Development Agency has launched a National Training and Development Programme for CPD Leadership developed in partnership with the National College for School Leadership (NCSL). 

The programme aims to support CPD (Continuous Professional Development) leaders to plan strategic and sustainable professional development for the whole school workforce, leading to improved outcomes for children and young people.

It includes key areas of knowledge for CPD leadership, such as how to develop a learning culture, techniques and strategies for leading CPD, what makes training and development effective with a focus on collaborative models, and impact evaluation. 

Recent TDA research has shown that CPD leaders face a number of challenges in ensuring clear and effective training and development in schools. Planning and organisation of CPD has not always had a strategic focus; the important links between performance management, CPD and school improvement have not always been made; and CPD leaders sometimes feel there is a lack of support and resources for the role.

Graham Holley, Chief Executive of the TDA said: “Links between performance management, CPD and school improvement planning are not always recognised, or consistently managed. This unique programme offers CPD leaders a range of resources and support to help fulfil their role.

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