Fully-funded, tailored training for experienced teachers

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Experienced teachers who sign up to coach teachers through the new Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) will also benefit from their involvement, with fully-funded, tailored coach training and the opportunity, if they wish, to gain masters level accreditation themselves, the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has announced.

MTL coaches will receive bespoke training to help them support newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and new heads of department (HoDs) who start the new masters next summer in eligible schools. The school-based coach is a feature of the new masters. MTL participants are supported by their coach and a university based tutor in a three-way relationship.

The classroom-based MTL qualification is specifically designed for teachers and is supported by school workforce unions and employers. Schools in the North West and in other schools in challenging circumstances will be the first in the country to benefit from the new MTL from next year.

Graham Holley, Chief Executive at the TDA, said: “By being involved as an MTL coach, experienced teachers stand to enhance their own professional development, play a key role in developing other members of their school’s team, and make a vital contribution to school improvement. They will get the chance to work collaboratively with new colleagues from Higher Education Institutions and get involved with new learning networks.

“Recruiting experienced teachers with the right skills to act as coaches is critical to the success of the MTL. We want to recognise their contribution, and one way of doing this will be to offer access to M-level accreditation for school-based coaches who want to pursue formal recognition of their work.”

As the MTL programme is fully funded by the TDA, money will be available to cover all of the costs associated with the training of coaches and participants.  Additional funding will be available to cover other in-school costs, which could include subscriptions and conferences for MTL participants and coaches. 

The TDA advises that experienced teachers who are interested in becoming a school-based MTL coach should speak to their headteacher. Eligible NQTs and new heads of department should register their interest before enrolment for the MTL beings in January 2010.

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