Call for more primary academies

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Education Secretary Michael Gove wants more primary schools to become academies as a way of raising standards.

Addressing delegates at the National Children and Adult Services conference, he said that he wanted to expand the academies programme to tackle underperformance in the primary sector.

He said: "I would like local authorities to consider more schools for academy status, where both attainment and pupil progression are low and where schools lack the capacity to improve themselves."

Mr Gove also announced plans to give local authorities greater freedoms so that they can be ‘more daring and imaginative in how they provide services and deploy resources’.

They will no longer be required to set and police externally imposed performance targets on schools and Early Years settings. Instead, local authorities will be able to develop their own plans to improve the quality of Early Years provision.

He said: "You will be free to develop new and innovative ways of supporting the vulnerable across your local areas. With the additional resources we are making available for the education of the poorest two-year olds, the schooling of all poorer children and early intervention to help those most in need, you will have the funding, and the freedom, to make a real difference. "

He said that he would also welcome a more diverse approach to the provision of school improvement services.

"If local authorities believe they can provide a strong school-improvement service themselves, they should be free to do so by offering their service to schools on a level playing field to other providers. That could mean some local authorities offer school-improvement services to schools beyond their own geographical borders."